Fountain Pen Baoer

A handsome black/gold pen, with smooth writing style and robust design.

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Perfect addition to your accessories. Use for notes, cards, cheques, resume's; anywhere you want to create a writing impression. Back in the day, ballpoints were not allowed in education, as ink pens wrote much better; and they still do.

Comes optionally filled (free, ask after purchase) refillable converter for optional ink bottle supply see my other listing for 60ml ink bottle (carbon blue) freight combined ask after buy pen.
I also have 5 lot ink cartridge for $4 blue or black.
Pen Specifications
Metal Steel Chrome Gold Trim Fountain Pen
Length(Approx): 135mm Weight(Approx): 35g Diameter:12.5mm
Ink Cartridge International Standard, Removable Converter & Refillable, can be replaced with consumable.
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