Fountain Pen Baoer Light - create a writing impression.

Lovely pen, with smooth writing style. Choose EITHER #1 OR #2 - only one pen supplied!.

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These are lighter pens, more suitable for small hands.
Handsome addition to your accessories. Use for notes, cards, cheques, resume's; anywhere you want to create a writing impression. Back in the day, ballpoints were not allowed in education, as ink pens wrote much better; and they still do.

Free fill if requested, but if you are buying for gift recommend buy a few cartridges from me instead.

Pen Specifications:
Length(Approx): 132mm Diameter:10mm Weight(Approx): 25g
Ink Cartridge International Standard, Removable Converter & Refillable, can be replaced with included consumable.
Contents: 1 pen optionally filled with navy ink; ask otherwise sent empty. Buy now gets free disposable cartridge. See my other listing for 60ml ink bottle (carbon blue) freight combined, or 5 lot ink cartridge $4 blue or black; ask after buy pen.
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