Drone - 6dbi 2.4GHZ WiFi aerial BOOSTER > 400m depends on remote.

For 6Dbi dual band (2.4/5Ghz) see my other listing.Great for extending remote as their antenna is inefficient. Easily get up to double your current range.Range tests here (line of sight):Standard remote: 180mW/O boost aerial but modified >200mWith …

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For 6Dbi dual band (2.4/5Ghz) see my other listing.
Great for extending remote as their antenna is inefficient.
Easily get up to double your current range.
Range tests here (line of sight):
Standard remote: 180m
W/O boost aerial but modified >200m
With boost aerial >400m (out of sight)
Models: Syma/Phantom/MJX and more; if you open your remote and its a short wire then this mod will help range immensely.

CAUTION - Some soldering and assembly required you need skills! Undertake at your own risk. I can provide modification service if you cant do it; $50 plus freight.
Unless GPS, Return Home function only works in headless mode and is very approximate (usually quad backs up to approximate location)

Here is how to do it (Bugs 3 but also others):
Note if you use another tutorial always leave original antenna connected - you still get the range boost.
Caution - you do not remove original antenna but add this one in same place which allows use of both antennas and prevents burnout of transmitter.

Antenna Standard:
Main Technical Specifications
1.Type : Wifi Antenna
2.Conector Type : RP SMA Male (Female pin)
3.Gain:5dBi (MAX)
4.Polarization Vertical
5.Maxlmum input Power:50W
6. Frequency range : 2400--2500MHz
Cable Standard:
Product Series: RP-SMA to Ufl./Ipx cable
Family: Coaxial, RF pigtail cable
Gender: RP-SMA Jack,male pin/Ufl./Ipx
Length:  17cm
Cable type: 1.13 cable
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