Guitar 6 Strings Take your pick (Color/Chrome/Nylon)

Coloured and Steel same thickness or Nylon

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All the same price! Choose one set either coloured or plain steel/copper or nylon when you order by adding note in notes box.
* For acoustic guitar; light/medium weight
* Ball end, 1m length
* Quantity: 1 pack (6 strings)
* Diameter of string numbers 1 to 6: 0.304 / 0.406 / 0.610 / 0.813 / 1.016 / 1.32 mm
My review: After replacing a set of Darco, same gauge strings these not only looked great and sounded great, but all of a sudden easier to play; softer on hands and MUCH easier to do a bar.
Note these are high quality individually packaged copper coated alloy
(high BE strings SS). For novice players the colours help finger placement.
Also after playing an hour these brand new strings have kept their tuning. Amazing!
* Ball end
* For acoustic guitar
* Quantity: 1 pack (6 strings each packaged)
* Colours make your guitar stand out from the rest.
* Good sound quality.
* Made from colorful coated copper alloy
* Long service life
* Tunes stable
Length: approx. 1 m (40")
6 different colorful strings:
E string (1st) .011"(0.28mm) stainless steel
B string (2nd) .015"(0.38mm) stainless steel
G string (3rd) .024"(0.61mm) red bronze wound
D string (4th) .032"(0.81mm) yellow bronze wound
A string (5th) .042"(1.07mm) blue bronze wound
E string (6th) .052"(1.32mm) green bronze wound

* Plain strings - non-ball end
* For classical guitar
* 1 pack (6 strings)
* 3 nylon strings with metal wound: 1.12mm, 0.91mm, 0.76mm (0.44", 0.36", 0.30")
* 3 nylon strings: 1.02mm, 0.81mm, 0.71mm (0.40", 0.32", 0.28")
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