100W E40 220V Lampada High Bay Factory Spot light

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Our church uses them to replace 150w Fluoro lamps.
Here is my test from 9m below lamps: LED 100w: warm white/Lumens 125, white/Lumens 158. FLUORO 150w Lumens 110. (White LED is about 50 Lumens better than Flouro.)
Despite high power these run relatively cool negates a cooling fan which can break down. I personally like the Warm White, but others perceive the White as more light so that should be first choice for large halls.
· Low consumption, high brightness.
· Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, is conducive to recycling.
· Cool beam, Low heat generating, no UV or IR light radiation.
· Seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
· Suitable for home, office and exhibition lighting
· Very low heat generating, besides saving light power
· It has a long lifespan, no hazardous materials.
· Instant start, no flashing. solid state, shockproof.
· Made of high quality materials.

Base type: E27 B22 E40
Rated power: 100W 220V/AC !!!!!
Input Volt: AC110V/220V 50~60Hz
Colors temperature: White(6000K-6500K), Cold White(6500-7000), Warm White(2800K-3500K)
Material: PC + High Cooling Aluminum Alloy
Size: 100W 250*120mm
Light source: 2835 / 5730 SMD
Luminous flux: 100W 9000LM
Beam angle: 360 degrees
Body temperature: less than 53 degrees Celsius
LED working temperature: less than 62 degrees Celsius
Temperature: -40 ~ 70 degrees Celsius
Brightness degradation: 3% - 5%1kh
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
No UV or IR radiation

Warnings and precautions:
Turn off the power before replacing. NOT SUITABLE for outdoor lighting. Handle with care.

Goods: 1 unit, minimum order 2.

Warranty - I can only give delivery warranty and urge you to install on receipt; if any problems and advise within a week I can support. No warranty outside this time.
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