1000V 1999M Insulation Resistance Tester

BM500 similar to a Megger.

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Insulation resistance measuring; this is NOT an ohm meter.
Selectable Voltage (250/500/1000V)
L(LINE) input item tested.
G input shielded terminal of insulating resistance.
E(EARTH) input earth terminal tested item.
Power supply: 6F22 or 9V×1
Weight: about 170g
Testing Voltage 250/500/1000
Resistance 0~1999Meg ±(5%+5)
Auto Range
Data Hold
Load current 2ma
Low Battery Warning
LCD MAX. Count 1999

Includes: Meter, 2xclip leads, 1xprobe lead, Instructions. Excludes: 9v battery.
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