3 years ago I set up Webid as a competitor to auction site. It was OK, but I was not happy with the quality of the coding, and closed it down.

I've changed Webid, so its more like a shop, with competitive prices and now its refreshed and ready to go. My mission is Webid being a site users can rely on to be cost-effective, and a great experience. Gone are the days of Trademe inconsistent rules to make your life as a member miserable.
If enough are interested, I will open this site so that others may sell goods here.
Please lets know if you are a Kiwi, and have need to sell your product and have it listed here at minimal fee.

There are a bunch of features which work for both buyer and seller which Trademe refused to introduce despite my requests as a seller for several years.

For a site to succeed, it needs heaps of customers, and good product. You can help by CLICK HERE to let your friends know of this site. Thank you!
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